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This Iconic Couple Serving Looks at my Stroudsburg, PA Studio | Poconos & Lehigh Valley Photographer

These two. I cannot with them! We met at a winter festival at my studio a few months ago, and we instantly hit it off. They are SO sweet and SO beautiful, and their love for one another is inspiring. This session was such a dream. The looks, the dynamics, the LOVE. Straight fire!

First we started with some cozy shots living room shots with their sweet pup, Opie. Models all around!

Then we switched up outfits and played around with my record wall & some disco balls. When it doubt, always bring the disco balls! And can we talk about these coordinated leather jacket lewks? Swoon!

The lounge was calling us, so we then got some shots of them snuggling up & chilling with their fav books & records. This is a whole vibe and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Next we got some simple shots in the backdrop room:

And then finally they snuggled up in some simple white sheets for some more intimate shots.

I'm obsessed with these two. Their warmth. Their authenticity. Their love. OB. SESSED. Cheers to more iconic sessions with my new muse(s). ♡


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