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FAQs at your service!

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I feel super uncomfortable in front of a camera. Will you guide me through the process?

Whether it's your first photo session or your fiftieth,  we ALL get a little nervous in front of the camera. Rest assured, I will guide you through the process from start to finish.

During our session, I will be sure to pose you in flattering positions. "Posing" feels like a dirty word tho, right? It has such "stiff" connotations! So let's call it "posing-lite," which means I guide you into comfortable positions and photograph you from flattering angles, but I don't tell you to look at the camera and say "Cheese!" "Posing-lite" makes you feel confident in knowing what you need to do while I step back just enough to make you feel free to connect with your authentic, beautiful self.  

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What if my partner or children are...less than cooperative for photos

I tell my clients that they need to go into the session not seeking perfection, but seeking authenticity. Are you the parent of a child with special needs? I will follow their lead.  Is someone in your party cranky on the day of the session? They'll get over it by the end. Or perhaps your people just hate having their photos taken in general? Don't stress it. I keep my sessions fun & light. I don't force people to be what they aren't. I let them be in that moment - whatever it brings - and then we move on. If your partner needs to scowl for a few photos, or if your child needs to let out the zoomies or sillies for a few photos, let's roll with it. Alleviating that pressure to portray "perfection" allows people, even the crankiest curmudgeons, to shine.

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What should we wear? 

What you wear is so important for conveying the vibes you want to portray in your session. That's why I will have you send pictures of outfits that you're thinking of to me - this way I can offer feedback on what will photograph best and we can ensure that the outfits coordinate well! 

That said, you should wear what you feel best in - whatever that may be! Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but don't make yourself uncomfortable wearing something that doesn't feel *you.* This may sound tricky, but I'm here to help!


Access to to my Client Wardrobe is included in all of my sessions, so don't hesitate to get in touch to set up a fitting before your session.

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Where will we do the session? Can we do the session at multiple locations?

After your session is booked, we will discuss your preferred location type. You can choose either a studio session or an on-location session. Based on your preferred aesthetic, I will then offer suggestions for the perfect location that is best suited for you & your vision.

The locations I offer are easy-access and offer a variety of backgrounds. Since my locations offer a variety of aesthetics, each session takes place at one location.


If you are interested in multiple locations that I have to offer, ask about the custom bundle discount. 

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photoshop can "fix" that, right?

While I do edit my photos to fit my artistic standards when it comes to light, color, and the overall feel of my photos, one of my key values in my photography is capturing authenticity. This means that I will not use Photoshop to edit "imperfections." Rather than use Photoshop to portray a sense of inauthentic "perfection," I have spent years honing my craft of capturing my subjects' best angles in camera.

This is why the planning stages of our sessions is so important. I will guide you through the process of choosing flattering, well-fitted outfits. 

If you have a wardrobe malfunction on your way to the session, or if your child falls and gets a large bruise on their face the week of the session, please let me know! I understand that life happens,  so get in touch so we can discuss whether rescheduling is necessary. 

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Do you do Mini Sessions? 

Very rarely. I prefer to spend time with my clients so that I can provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and mini sessions make this inherently challenging. 


That said, sometimes demand is so high that I need to offer shorter sessions to accommodate more clients, and this is usually around major holidays. To get the latest updates on holiday sessions, be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook stories, or join my VIP Facebook group.

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How will I receive my photos?

After our photo session, I will edit the best photos from the session and upload them to an online viewing gallery. When all of the fully edited photos are uploaded to the gallery, you will receive the gallery link via email. 


Your gallery email will include instructions on how to select the high res files you would like to download. Your files will be emailed to you in a zip folder. To download your high res files, you will need access to a computer with enough space to download large files. 


You will also have the option to purchase professional print products via the online gallery. Any prints that you order will be mailed directly to your home.

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What is your turnaround time?

I edit sessions in the order that they take place, so turnaround time depends on the time of year. I strive for a 2-3 week turnaround time, but depending on how many sessions I have to edit before yours, that time could be more or less. 


I post my editing queue on my Instagram and Facebook stories, so you will be able to keep track of how many sessions remain for me to edit before yours. 

Rest assured - I know how eager you are to see your photos, and I understand how difficult it is to have to wait for them! Please know that no one wants you to have your gallery more than I do. There are few better feelings than clicking that "send" button on your gallery email. 


Do you need your photos in a pinch? Ask about my rush fee. 

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How many photos will we receive?Do you deliver all of the images shot? 

I will take a TON of photos at our session, and I will include the best photos from the session in your gallery. Each session is different, so each gallery has a different number of final images. Depending on how the session goes, you will have anywhere from 50-250 final images in your gallery. 

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Do we have printing & Sharing rights?

Each photo session fee includes a certain number of file downloads, and you are free to print those files at your discretion.


I also welcome you to share photos from our session on your social media, and I appreciate when you tag my business to help spread the word about my services. 

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Can we reschedule? 

Life happens, and I get that! We can absolutely reschedule if one of us becomes ill, if there's an emergency, or if the weather is bad. I just ask that we communicate with one another and give each other a reasonable amount of notice (48 hours is preferred). 

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How do we book? Do you require a deposit?

A 50% Nonrefundable retainer is due to lock in your session, and the remaining 50% balance is due on the session date. I accept credit card, checks, and cash. 


To get the ball rolling with booking, send me a message! Click the "Book Now" link below. 

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Ready to book?

I cannot wait to discuss your vision! 

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