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Couples Boudoir | Poconos & Lehigh Valley Boudoir Photographer

Couples boudoir, y'all. C O U P L E S B O U D O I R. I have been curious about these kinds of sessions for a few years now, but I'll confess I was a bit nervous to actually take one on. To be completely transparent, I hesitated at doing them because I didn't want the photos to come off as a few choice "P" words (pervy, porny, etc.). But my goodness, after doing one, I am in love! There's something so beautiful about capturing intimacy between two human beings. I'll confess I had to apologize for verbally "aww"-ing throughout this sesh because I was so compelled with admiration of their love - the love these two have for each other is palpable, and I'm honored to have been able to capture their physical expression of it. (Shared with permission of course!) ♡

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