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Photographers Need Self-Love, too | Boudoir Photo Session at My Stroudsburg, PA Studio

It's no secret that often times what we excel at in our professional lives is where we neglect ourselves in our personal lives. As a boudoir photographer, sometimes we deny ourselves the self-love we preach, and we crave the attention & pampering we give to our clients at their sessions. When Allie, another boudoir photog, hit up my DMs on Insta, I knew exactly where she what she was needing.

This was an amazing collaboration among three visual artists as Melissa, HMUA & boudoir photog, absolutely nailed it with Allie's hair & makeup.

Allie was the dream-client. She was fun, absolutely GORGEOUS, and she fully trusted me on my vision. This was one of my fav boudoir sessions ever, and I'm truly grateful that Allie gave me permission to share the images. Werk, queen! ♡

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