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Steve & Colleen | Surprise Marriage Proposal | Poconos, PA

Steve contacted me back in the beginning of spring about photographing his surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend at the Pocono Lantern Festival. Of course I LOVED the idea - how romantic would it be to pop the question at such a dreamy event?!

We planned it all out - Steve was going to send me his location at the festival, and to remain incognito, I was going to get a Pocono Lantern Festival shirt and act like I was one of the staff photographers.

Then I got the text from Steve on the day of - Lantern Fest was canceled due to rain. Originally we were just going to cancel the session if it rained, but Steve was eager to propose (aww!), so he asked me if I knew of any local wineries. I was helping clean out a garage at a family member's house right down the road from the beautiful Blue Ridge Winery, so of course that was the first venue that popped into my mind.

Shortly after, Steve texted that he & Colleen were at the Blue Ridge Winery, and that he's going to go through with the proposal there. Luckily, I already had my camera in my car, so I paused garage-cleaning and whisked over to the winery - no makeup, raggedy old clothes, and covered in garage dust lol.

Somehow, despite the circumstances, Steve managed to pull off this amazing surprise proposal. Colleen was in absolute shock during the entire time I spent photographing them. She kept exclaiming, "I have no idea what's going on! I feel like I'm in a dream!" Oh honey, YOU ARE. This is the stuff dreams are made of. I'm so thankful for the honor of capturing this beautiful moment, and I'm so happy for this sweet couple. Worlds of best wishes on your journey ahead, Colleen & Steve. I hope to be there to capture it every step of the way. ♡


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