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Sand Dune Adventure in Provincetown, MA | Cape Cod Photographer

Years ago I met a wonderful woman at a La Leche League meeting who said that her family has a little house in a cute Cape Cod village called Sandwich. The name of the town alone had me intrigued, so when my daughter was just a toddler, we took our first trip to Cape Cod. Before taking our trip, we asked around to find out where to go in Cape Cod, and everybody who knew me told me that I must go to Provincetown because they knew I would love it, and they were right! It's only about an hour drive from Sandwich, so we made the trip, and I fell so in love with the town that we go back every year we go to Cape Cod.

Every year when we make the drive from Sandwich to Provincetown, I admire these gorgeous, mountainous sand dunes just outside of P-Town. This year, I was determined to go on an adventure in the dunes, and they did not disappoint. In fact, it was heavenly. Here are just a few shots I took for the first five minutes that we explored the dunes. Then I put my camera away and enjoyed family time. I would love love LOVE to set up some sessions here the next summer.

This is where I was exactly one week ago today, and this is where I always want to be. Provincetown, I wish I could put you in my pocket and carry you everywhere I go, but I guess I will have to resort to holding you in my heart. Until next time. ♡


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