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Neithsuly's Homebirth | Poconos + Lehigh Valley, PA Birth Photographer

Last week I had the honor of photographing Neithsuly's wonderful homebirth. She handled the birth with such silent grace & power with the support of her beautiful little family. I was so impressed with her patience and calm aura as her adorable little boy observed, played harmonica, and stayed by her side as she gave birth to their beautiful baby girl.

I was also impressed with her substitute midwife, Jennifer Timbs, who was filling in for Deborah Fuentes, N's midwife. Jen walked this sweet mama through the process with clear & thoughtful communication, sensitive to the delicacy of helping a mama through her birth story after just meeting while N was in labor. Thankfully, Nicole Laudenslager, midwife's assistant, was with Neithsuly throughout her whole pregnancy, so she had the comfort of at least one familiar face.

It was Neithsuly's first homebirth, and I am so happy for her being able to get the birth she was hoping for. Worlds of congrats to this sweet fam. ♡

Midwife: Jennifer Timbs, Mountain Valley Home Birth:

Birth Assistant: Nicole Laudenslager, Hilltop Doula and Birth Care:


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