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Bed + Bubble Bath Couple's Boudoir | Poconos + Lehigh Valley, PA Photographer

Jordon & Steffany are such an adorable couple who also just so happen to be the perfect models. We had such a blast at this couples boudoir sesh that was literally booked the night before it happened. I'm so thankful to have found these beautiful sweethearts who entrusted me to capture their chemistry. They served the perfect dish of fun and sexy, and I'm so happy with how the photos turned out.

First we started the session with some cuddles on the bed, but it quickly switched over to a pillow fight pretty soon into the sesh. Then of course I had to grab some shots of them on some of the denim furniture. Because really when else do you see denim furniture?

I was so excited to have access to a clawfoot tub with tons of natural light. After getting some beautiful shots next to the window light, we poured 3 bottles of Mr. Bubble into the tub. So. much. fun!

Models: Steffany Kali & Jordon Davis @sjsocial_


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