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90s Alien Aesthetic + Area 51 Realness boudoir session | Pocono Photo Studio

I had some distinct inspirations for this shoot - a little bit Mars Attacks meets 90s music videos by Deee-Lite & Soundgarden ("Groove is in the Heart" & "Black Hole Sun" to be specific) with a splash of Area 51 / Coachella aesthetics. The vibe is weird and retro and kitschy with punchy, vibrant edits. I always felt a little too scared to show this side of me in my professional work, but I'm learning to let go & set free all of my weirdness for y'all to see. Blow-up alien and all.

This is a session that I feel truly captures my own unabashed creative calling, and it makes my heart swell with the priceless feeling of freedom & purpose. It was a chance for me to be fully and unapologetically ME, and I'm so thankful for @abbywitt & @bridgetd.mua / @bewitched_hair's wholehearted trust in my ridiculous vision. Abby's amazing modeling and Bridget's killer hair & makeup skillz far exceeded my wildest dreams!


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