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Creativity Abounds with Amy | Stroudsburg, Poconos, & Lehigh Valley, PA Photographer

This morning I woke up at 4am because I was way too excited for this creative sunrise goddess session with Amy. We had been planning it for a couple months, but in true Renée nature, I thought of playing around with a projector before our sunrise sesh just a couple days before our session. Since it was my first time using this projector, I totally forgot to bring my phone charger to my studio, which is what is needed to connect the phone to the projector. So there I stood, panicked, 6:30am in the Walmart electronics section, staring longingly at phone chargers, unable to purchase one because the electronics department doesn't open until 7am, and there are security clamps on all the iPhone chargers. I stared longingly at the chargers, bummed I wasn't going to be able to use my projector for our session, when a darling young man donning a Walmart vest just so happened to glide by my aisle like the guardian angel he really was. He was able to get the phone charger off the security clamp for me, and I zoomed back to my studio where Amy was already waiting.

Since I was trying something new, I was already anxious and barely touching the floor at the deep end my proverbial comfort zone pool, but then knowing I made a client wait for me drove my anxiety through the roof. I hate hate hate the thought of being late to sessions or making clients wait. Stuff of nightmares. But don't you know, this beautiful sweetheart showed up all smiles with the most charming early birthday gift in hand (she got me a plant and somehow remembered that I mentioned my bday was tomorrow - my heart!) ♡

The charger fiasco only gave us a few minutes to play with the projector before sunrise, so it was suuuuuuuper rushed. I'm already thinking of new ideas and ways to perfect my technique, but I couldn't have found a more beautiful model to collaborate with through all of my anxious chattering. She was just so sweet and understanding, and my goodness, just check out this gorgeous girl serving Debbie Harry realness! Her platinum blond hair looks amazing with the projector images, and those eyes!

After our quick creative stint with the projector (much too rushed - I'm dying to play with the projector waaaaaaaay more, ASAP!), we headed over to my friend's neighborhood, where I've been drooling over this location with massive electric towers carved through the mountainside. Ever since I was a small child, I've had an unceasing fascination with roadside electric towers and how they pierce through the landscapes. I'm so grateful to Amy for trusting me and my vision. She wore one of her own gorgeous outfits and one of my new Client Closet gowns, and my my my , she totally rocked both lewks. Babe alert!!! ♡

This session was just the fuel my creative fires needed, but more importantly, I'm so happy to have made a new friend. I cannot wait to see what future collaborations have in store! ♡


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