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A Fresh Take on My Studio Newborn Sessions | Poconos & Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer

I photographed this sweet couple's maternity gender reveal a few months ago, so I was so excited to meet their precious baby Ely. I was also super excited about this session because it's the first I've done in my completely revamped studio. I've been in this studio for years, but it wasn't until recently that I started to utilize its beautiful natural light, and I'm so thrilled with the results.

Moreover, this session has a special place in my heart because this was the first newborn session in which I completely trusted myself and my vision. What I mean by that is this: For years, I always felt that I needed to fit some sort of newborn photography mold, so I used studio lights and backdrops and spent hours soothing the baby and working tirelessly on capturing those "perfect" sleepy newborn poses. But for this session, it wasn't about fitting perfectly into some mold. It was about nurturing this fam's authentic connections and capturing those precious, fleeting moments that newborns too quickly outgrow - those sweet stretches, cries, yawns, silly faces, and that perfectly wrinkled forehead - these are ALL a part of each newborn's story, not just those "picture perfect" newborn photos.

Now that my daughter is 8, I look back at my own photos and wish I photographed more of those real moments, and this is why it warms my heart to know I can do this for others. But seriously, enough about me - how flippin' ADORABLE is this little fam?? I cannot handle all of this perfection. Sweet, sweet love and adoration. ♡


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