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Why You Should Bathe Your Baby In a Kitchen Sink | Documentary Photography | Poconos, PA

Remember in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when Joel goes back to one of his earliest memories--that of being bathed in a sink? That scene always stayed with me. It's such a seemingly trivial, everyday act, but it calls me, and seeing it in that film made me realize that I'm not the only one with a lingering memory of it.

As a little girl, I remember wishing I were small again so I could be carried by my parents, small enough for a sink bath. People sometimes forget how hard childhood can be, how it's filled with so many thoughts and feelings - sometimes pining to be small again, but also yearning to grow up. Then we grow up and become parents and realize just how fast it all goes by, and we want time to slow down.

Needless to say, when my daughter was a baby, I had to make sure I bathed her in a kitchen sink *at least once* before she got too big for it. It's a right of passage earned too quickly, and I'm so glad I did it for my daughter. The moment our little ones get too big for a sink bath is a bittersweet day, and it comes all too soon when they are babies.

That's why I decided I wanted to start offering these kinds of sessions for my clients. These unposed, documentary sessions prove that nothing is trivial. Children grow so fast, and I'm so thankful for every moment my clients entrust in me to capture, every fleeting memory I'm given the opportunity to preserve. ♡

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