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43 north 7th street, stroudsburg, pa 18360     reneedeephotography@gmail.com   (570) 730-5583

Voted #1 Photographer in the Poconos

Renée Dee Photography, Inc. ©2018-2019

Let me express a warm welcome to you & yours to Renée Dee Photography, voted #1 photographer in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

If you traveled back in time and told 25 year old Renée that she would be a professional photographer in a few years, let alone be voted number one in her beloved hometown, she would have told you, "Yeah right, in my dreams!" 


Well I guess dreams really do come true! 

Back in 2013, some friends asked me if I could photograph their wedding. They liked my personal photos I shared on Facebook, and they needed someone there to document their day. I was flattered, and I took on the task, not knowing it would be the stepping stone to a completely new life. 

I was an English professor at the time. My future was set, because in my head, being an educator was the only attainable profession for me. Photography is an art, and people can't make their living off of their art, right?!  Wrong. Fast forward to 2016, to my complete shock, I was able to quit my teaching job and pursue photography full-time.

As a self-taught photographer and ex-teacher, I know inside and out the value of constantly learning and growing not only as a photographer, but as a human being. Photography has given me the gift of understanding the intricacies of the human experience. I have been given the opportunity to capture humanity at its happiest when I photograph family reunions, weddings, baby milestones, and the like. But photography has also given me the gift of documenting the human experience at its rawest. With every birth story or boudoir session I photograph, I am able to communicate with my clients about their deepest insecurities and capture the beauty & strengths they never knew they had. This is a gift I will never cease to be humbled by. 

In each session, I am invited to capture a part of my clients' lives. I don't take this lightly. I feel as though creating experiences and capturing the stories of my clients is not simply a "job," it is an honor for which I am deeply grateful. My lens connects me to other human beings, and it helps me tell their stories. I hope you trust in me to capture yours, too. 

When I'm not photog'ing, you can find me:


  • Sipping cappuccinos at local coffee shops

  • Sifting through records at flea markets

  • Discussing the beautifully bizarre works of David Lynch (AKA giggling over Twin Peaks memes)

  • Watching fashion documentaries (RIP Alexander McQueen)

  • Dancing like no one is watching with my little girl to Bowie, Talking Heads, B52s, George Michael, etc.

  • Nerding out about RuPaul's Drag Race (Katya I'm your #1 fan) 

  • Mourning the loss of Fred Rogers

  • Encouraging other weirdos to embrace their weirdness

all photos of renée by stephanie vasiliadis and edited by renée dee